독일의 SYZYGY LAB에서 GOAB. A.TV 관련 N스크린(멀티윈도우) 활용을 위한 컨셉 동영상

지금까지 본 동영상 중에서 멀티 윈도우의 개념을 가장 잘 설명한 동영상. http://lab.syzygy.de/

IPTV(스마트 TV)와 테블릿PC(스마트폰)등의 디지털 기기가 잘 융합된 예시...

감성에 따른 콘텐츠를 선택하고

스포츠 중계를 보면서 태블릿 PC를 통해 경기 분석을 동시에...

그리고 지인들과 편을 나누어 응원을...

TV를 보면서 출연자의 의상에 대한 정보를 태블릿 PC를 통해 얻고, 해당 제품에 대하여 친구들과 온라인 채팅을 통해 정보를 공유하고 구매를 한다는... 등등의...


For a long time, watching television was a straightforward event. The couch in the living room was facing the TV and a certain number of channels played certain shows at a designated time. When someone said, “I’m going to watch TV,” it was clear what that meant. 

Today, it’s not that simple. Watching TV can mean a lot of things: TV via Internet, web content via TV, video on demand, IPTV, cable, satellite, DVB-T, mobile television, etc. Let’s not forget that with broadband internet connections and the integration of Wi-Fi chips into television sets, the technical framework has changed fundamentally.

Current Trends - State of the Art

Among all the trends that appeared in the last few month, some have the potential to offer the viewer additional contents in a discreet way to enrich his TV experience


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